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    Work in progress

    Playing with pattern.
    Taking this simple line sketch:

    and turning it into a repetition that looks like this:
    Tell me any names that come to mind for the sketch or pattern - and I'll let you know if its better than what I've been using. Also, I'd love feedback on the pattern and options - or completely random sharing.


    Color Cravings

    The season of Spring has a bit more time before she's due. However, if you're like me, you have perhaps grown tired of the chill, the snow, and the relative barren landscape. I have retired my dark puffy coats to the back of my closet, despite more snow, I insist now on lighter layers and color. I've put a bold shade of pink on my nails and I've never really been into pink. I've worn pinks, oranges, and purples all in one go. My living space is never lacking in color - but I thought perhaps other folks shared my craving for colors. As such I've compiled a sort list of colorful and spacial/interior oriented items that have struck my fancy of late - and I don't mean floral bed linens.

    Be inspired!

    Touch Sensitive Ceramic Tiles
    These ceramic tiles are fully interactive and heat sensitive. They are products of Moving Color. Link here for the link.
    via SweetStation

    pitaya: random8: "
    using faceted panels of clear plexiglass and light, the seemingly transparent chair becomes a colorful graphic form that interacts with the ambient qualities of its environment.
    read more at DesignBoom"

    Kaws Light Bulbs: "
    Light up your home bar, lounge, or den with Kaws Light Bulbs ($65). Each set of three bulbs includes a red, purple, and green bulb, each with 'xx' filaments inside...

    Visit Uncrate for the full post."

    megan geckler: spread the ashes of the colors: "
    a site-specific installation constructed from interlacing strips of vibrantly colored flagging tape.
    read more at DesignBoom"

    Plexus Series by Gabriel Dawe: "

    tom fruin: kolonihavehus:

    'kolonihavehus' by tom fruin
    photographer: nuno neto

    Peruse more on my Colors & Patterns board over at Pinterest


    Rainbow House - or whimsy & inspiration

    This house looks like a wonderful place to escape to for inspiration and a change of perspective. Enjoy the Goldilocks exploration below!

    The Rainbow House, London from Ab Rogers Design on Vimeo.


    Sharing and Collecting Visuals

         There won't be weekly posts of sketch-a-day any more, but no worries, I'm still drawing - and with color too.

         As for the new year, trying new things like Pinterest - which was suggested by a good friend. Basically, as with other such services you come across something of interest and you can "pin it" to one of your self-created boards with a note, or contribute to others. Folks "like" things, and can "repin" as well. Simply put its your virtual inspiration board. I have boards for colors/patterns, for places, for well designed utility pieces, and for fashion - but you can make as many as you like and peruse those of others.  I rather like the layout of the personal pins page (below) which is much like the main page on Pinterest - for a visual person like me, who also has little real wallspace and is quite comfortable with digital spaces like this - it may just be the perfect place to keep track of those things that catch your eye/imagination.


    Mind on the walls

    I have a secret to share. If you've ever been in a space I've occupied for longer than a week, be it workplace or residence, then you have seen a glimpse of my brain. It seeps out and onto my walls, floor, light...around me. It has always been the case that there is too much in my mind to keep it all in there, so I surround myself with parts of my brain as to allow the main element focus on other things. There are not a lot of photographs in my spaces - as we do not live in a Harry Potter world, there stillness doesn't compare to what my memory holds. There is, however, lots of art - bought, made, received - blank walls are disturbing somehow - like trapped white space in a bad graphic layout. There are also textures - it is hard to conjure the memory of a sensation of touch - it can be done, but there is a disconnect. Also, light - I'm not a 100 watt kind of gal. I prefer lamps to ceiling fixtures - darkness is good because it makes the light more precious and also allows you to imagine more what fades into the darkness as opposed to what is obliterated in glare or pitch dark.

    The trouble with this tendency of mine is that it is my normal, and as such I tend to think of it as being part of everyone else's normal as well. I read each individuals space as were I seeing their mind - because even if they aren't conscious of it, I believe folks can't help but have their mind leak out. Clearly, this is just my theory. I walk into a room with bare walls, maybe an intent to hang piece of art leaning against a wall, and I see someone who has trouble making decisions or commitments.

    I think this theory could, and I am so bold as to say should, be applied to larger spaces like commercial and public spaces - they should show the "mind" of the company or the citizenry. I do think some spaces do this, some designers do this, perhaps using a different language to describe what it is they are doing with their design. The lobby of a hospital should show commitment to healing and perhaps an eye for technology. A subway station should look like a place to stop by, but not to stay - it should look like a street corner or a reception area - lit, active, colorful, and brief.

    I love seeing other people's space because it tells me so much and feels so intimate - perhaps voyeuristic - but it is all just theory, at this point.

    Please don't reconsider inviting me over.