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    Aesthetically teasing

    Crafting things by hand or for production by others and then not wanting to develop a full launch sequence, and rather just get them in front of folks, while still trying to gauge/build interest at the same time.

    New brand maybe and starting with stickers

    A novel approach to a physical planner in both a bespoke and for production style.


    Getting close

    Comparison of sketches from ye old sketch-a-day project to real projects - I'm glad to see some of the ideas I've had were also in the minds of others.

    Business Bus

    cocoon personal seating pod for japanese bus line via designboom


    Work in progress

    Playing with pattern.
    Taking this simple line sketch:

    and turning it into a repetition that looks like this:
    Tell me any names that come to mind for the sketch or pattern - and I'll let you know if its better than what I've been using. Also, I'd love feedback on the pattern and options - or completely random sharing.


    Color Cravings

    The season of Spring has a bit more time before she's due. However, if you're like me, you have perhaps grown tired of the chill, the snow, and the relative barren landscape. I have retired my dark puffy coats to the back of my closet, despite more snow, I insist now on lighter layers and color. I've put a bold shade of pink on my nails and I've never really been into pink. I've worn pinks, oranges, and purples all in one go. My living space is never lacking in color - but I thought perhaps other folks shared my craving for colors. As such I've compiled a sort list of colorful and spacial/interior oriented items that have struck my fancy of late - and I don't mean floral bed linens.

    Be inspired!

    Touch Sensitive Ceramic Tiles
    These ceramic tiles are fully interactive and heat sensitive. They are products of Moving Color. Link here for the link.
    via SweetStation

    pitaya: random8: "
    using faceted panels of clear plexiglass and light, the seemingly transparent chair becomes a colorful graphic form that interacts with the ambient qualities of its environment.
    read more at DesignBoom"

    Kaws Light Bulbs: "
    Light up your home bar, lounge, or den with Kaws Light Bulbs ($65). Each set of three bulbs includes a red, purple, and green bulb, each with 'xx' filaments inside...

    Visit Uncrate for the full post."

    megan geckler: spread the ashes of the colors: "
    a site-specific installation constructed from interlacing strips of vibrantly colored flagging tape.
    read more at DesignBoom"

    Plexus Series by Gabriel Dawe: "

    tom fruin: kolonihavehus:

    'kolonihavehus' by tom fruin
    photographer: nuno neto

    Peruse more on my Colors & Patterns board over at Pinterest


    Rainbow House - or whimsy & inspiration

    This house looks like a wonderful place to escape to for inspiration and a change of perspective. Enjoy the Goldilocks exploration below!

    The Rainbow House, London from Ab Rogers Design on Vimeo.


    Sharing and Collecting Visuals

         There won't be weekly posts of sketch-a-day any more, but no worries, I'm still drawing - and with color too.

         As for the new year, trying new things like Pinterest - which was suggested by a good friend. Basically, as with other such services you come across something of interest and you can "pin it" to one of your self-created boards with a note, or contribute to others. Folks "like" things, and can "repin" as well. Simply put its your virtual inspiration board. I have boards for colors/patterns, for places, for well designed utility pieces, and for fashion - but you can make as many as you like and peruse those of others.  I rather like the layout of the personal pins page (below) which is much like the main page on Pinterest - for a visual person like me, who also has little real wallspace and is quite comfortable with digital spaces like this - it may just be the perfect place to keep track of those things that catch your eye/imagination.