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    keg apartments - minimal plop of the wasteland future

    RVs are for poshed out neo-hippies. This bigrig is for those who mindfully use the resources available - liquid shipping containers. Plan your future roaming around the barren wasteland in this "keg apartment" - this is the minimalist plop of dystopia. So long as its being hauled by the Peterbilt 386 Hybrid (in green of course)...

    via DesignBoom: aristide antonas: keg apartments:

    image: aristide antonas

    while transforming shipping containers into livable structures is now common, aristide antonas imagines doing the same with liquid containers. antonas and collaborator katerina koutsogianni use existing transportation and re-imagine this would-be trash as a system of 'abandoned spaces'. the keg apartments are proposed as an architectural program in two versions. the trailers can be detached from the car and used as a stable residence or left attached and used more like mobile home. windows would be carved out of the metal structures and used as points of entry. a large circular window cold be made at the front end facing the car. this way, the inhabitants could move freely between the two units as if they were one. the interiors are left very raw using the existing structure to anchor lofts and amenities like a bathtub. while the keg containers don't have the most spacious interiors, they could be put to use as vacation homes, much like recreation vehicles today.

    image: aristide antonas

    image: aristide antonas

    image: aristide antonas

    via io9

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