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    A sketch a day

    I created an initiative for myself last Monday - 1 sketch per day. The sketch could be of a new idea, an old design, or just sketching a space/item in front of me. The first batch, [these will be done every Monday hopefully], contains a few designs I've come up with over the years (1-3, 5, 6), a chair sketch, and a space plan imagined. I spend no more than 5-10 minutes doing the actual drawing, although I may spend a bit more time than that thinking about that days drawing. At present I don't have a set list of items I intend to cover in my sketches, and I welcome any requests/suggestions as well as comments and questions on the images posted today.


    1. I like the studio apartment - you know how I feel about small apartments!

      Could you add to your list of sketch ideas one of a certain small apartment in New York?

    2. Very cool, K. I was going to mention a favorite, but I can't decide... Looking forward to more of these!