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    Time Moves

    Time as movement through space - not of hands on a face, but as an individual through a city. Tokyoflash has done it again, taking clocks to a different level by tweaking the basic hours and minutes into three color/spacial elements. Its as if Harry Beck has been reincarnated as a digital watch - or something like that...

    tokyoflash: kisai traffic watch: "

    via awesomer , gizmag


    1. The first clock designed to tell time at night utilized different compartments that opened and closed on the hour.

      Each compartment had a different spice in it correlating to the hour it represented. The inventor merely had to sample the spice (it was by his bedside) in order to determine the time it was.

    2. tasting time is excellent - do you know if a olfactory watch was ever created?