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    The catch-up

    You've found yourself some time that you won't feel so bad about if you use to catch up with that growing pile...? That has been this week and the pile is 4 months worth of 5 magazines. I've gotten through several - Rollingstone is a flip through with the occasional "read me" article. Interior Design is a bit of a tome - but mostly flip through with pretty pictures - but its a tear-out mag - good for product spec'ing and such - which is a good bit of my field. Wired is good - which is unfortunate, as you want to read it cover to cover - which takes time. time and again though - it fits my life and my serendipitous approach perfectly delivering me tidbits right as or before i need them!!! Domino - blah - what am i, a housewife? some occassional goodness - though mostly decorating (i'm a designer!) I should cancel. and then their are the industry association mags/alumni rag and one-article hand off mags - which i count all together as 1 mag. All this and i'm still not through the pile. I'm resistant, I suppose - its easier to keep putting off relieving myself of the burden than just letting it grow. And then i read the Chris Hardwick "diary of a self-help drop out" article Wired [17.01] (of course) and I'm raring to go - enthusiastic for my sloppy approach and yet optimistic that i will achieve what needs to be done - so when this touch of "free" time runs out (sneaky bastard Monday!) I'll be where i should be and where I want to be.

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