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    Reality & Linguistics

    reality is what we perceive and how we perceive. it is what we understand and how we create that understanding. we can divide reality into components (social, work, sleep, etc). we can create new realities (SecondLife, IM, literature, etc). it can be said that we each have our own reality and it can be said that we are all part of a collective reality.
    we have been children and seen children who played by ourselves within a world of our creation
    does that mean time spent "out of touch" with reality or merely pushing the fabric of it to include that which exists only to the individual?
    68 degrees as pleasantly warm and
    68 degrees as requiring a sweater
    we understand the facets of reality and tend to address them differently - i.e. we speak differently than we write. we think in different ways - some think in words, some in feelings, some in concepts, some in visuals. the consciousness is a reality - though it is contained - and is the primary means for us to partake of reality.

    linguistics is the study of language, it contains the phonetics, semantic, and syntax of this construct. there is the linguistics of human language, and the linguistics of animal language, as well as computational linguistics - which is of interest as it is how we tell an object we created to talk to us, itself, and others like it. we create languages between siblings and friends, we have social dialects (slang) and regional dialects. we modify our language by medium - written, spoken, typed, txted. it can be said that there is a language of the body and its movements, a language not only of our words but how we write them - the implement, the angle, the pressure among many factors. There is an entire culture of understanding how and we say what we say and it sounds very surreal to the untrained ear.
    The power of emphasis, or the lack there of - which only matters in non-tonal languages - where the matter of emphasis comes not from the way we say particular words but the words chosen.
    Discussions exist about if are brain shapes language or language shapes our brain - and in both cases to what extent they do so.
    communication is essential in a world with more than one individual in it - but the complexity of that communication is hard to comprehend - particularly when considering how much of it is efficient and therefor necessary? that must all depend upon what the people communicating deem as necessary.

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