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    Future Commute

    As the world moves towards a less wasteful approach to day to day life there is an attempt at making mobility friendlier as well. Not everyone can telecommute nor is everyone convenient to mass transit in terms of trains and trolleys, but buses may be the future of transit and not at all as you picture them now. Talk to the regular train commuter and one of their favorite reasons for the train is their ability to do work or catch up on personal reading while traveling. The bus of the future will do just that - it will provide work surface and cupholders for the office on-the-go vibe and with such city-wide wireless networks popping up like Clear and those provided by cell phone providers folks can get things done while getting to work. All this while using the existing infrastructure (roads) while reducing congestion (number of vehicles). Though the renderings below are suggestive of the future of the bus, I do think such a vehicle would have to be quite nuanced in its design to make for a comfortable workspace as well as aid in the destruction of the preconceived negative notions folks tend to have towards the mode. Bus is not a dirty word, and it may be the key to the future.

    From FastCompany:
    Commuter-Friendly Office on Wheels Puts Bus in Business:

    office Bus

    [Via Core 77]

    office Bus

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