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    Modern Organic Architecture

    There have been a couple of tree/nature inspired architectural works completed recently. This striking form of modern organic aesthetic is a product of technology, and is certainly beautiful, but has been around for a while - if not in the same white form. Below are images from the historic preservation efforts at Koldinghus in Denmark followed by two of the most recent projects of this particular style. The Koldinghus project, which entails a system of structural columns which float a ceiling and curtain wall over the historic structure, was a much discussed "restoration" which started in the 1980s and was completed in 1991.

    I am a fan of this style for its navigation of the balance between man(-made) and nature(-inspired) though of course sometimes a building should reflect what it truly is, unnatural, allowing for the seeking our own balance between the world we create and the one we derive from.

    photos by KaraML Additional images

    Via DesignBoom
    serie architects / chris lee and kapil gupta: the tote, mumbai

    image courtesy serie architects
    photos by fram petit

    Via ArchDaily
    Leaf House / Undercurrent Architects: "
    © Hugh Rutherford

    © Hugh Rutherford

    © Hugh Rutherford

    © Hugh Rutherford

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