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    Bare Shelves or at least the products on them

    Imagine shelves stocked with bare minimal facades...attracted to the product itself, not its flashy colored sheath. It reminds me of the aesthetic of a Muji store - simple products, simple packaging, a place where the items aren't shouting at you

    Paint-Free Coke Can Saves Energy, Reduces Pollution: Via Inhabitat

    sustainable design, green design, coke can, harc lee, unibody coke can, monochromatic coke can, product packaging, recycling

    Designer Harc Lee has created a “naked” Coca Cola can that forfeits Coke’s typical bold red and white stripes in favor of au naturale silver. The aluminum can is created without using any paints or dyes, and stands to greatly reduce pollution and energy use associated with producing and recycling soda cans.

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