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    All the data that we can so easily collect and manipulate these days - infographics galore....and now its wearable. FastCompany has shown two designers of such data-jewelry recently - today was my favorite, if only because its more varied and better priced: Nervous System

    Geekiest Chic: Computer-Generated Jewelry: "

    Nervous System designs custom, high-tech jewelry on the cheap using rapid prototyping.

    visualization jewelry

    What do you get when you combine the brains of one Harvard-educated architect and one MIT Media Lab vet? Nervous System, a company that makes bespoke jewelry using generative algorithms.

    These pieces are cheap, compared to the custom data-visualization jewelry and furniture we've covered before--just $25 to $50 for a ring or necklace. And that points to a seachange in custom design. While rapid prototyping and computer modeling usually produces expensive one-offs, Nervous System is actually showing how those technologies aid in very small-scale production. As they tell Design Glut in a new interview:

    visualization jewelry

    visualization jewelry

    visualization jewelry

    Read the full interview at DesignGlut.


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