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    There are some standard approaches to design rendering and of late the photorealistic render is all the rage. An example from the upcoming Hard Rock Hotel - Vegas is shown below. It is certainly impressive - designed to allow the laymen client to understand the design - it asks them to do nothing but look. I'm not a big fan of the photorealism, I think the client should be asked to imagine the space and have faith in the designer(s) and the rendering should show them the potential of the space - but you cannot possibly fully represent how a space will actually appear - until it is there in front of you. The rendering of the space should suggest the potential and once the space is built - the rendering becomes a work of art - documenting the process of design. To that end I offer the work of Chloe Early - who appears to be quite a talented artist overall - but her approach to the architecture in her works is particularly striking and seems to me a beautiful way to show both form and function of a built environment. There are a multitude of non-photorealistic rendering styles and I hope you explore some of the beautiful work.


    Chloe Early via Sweet-Station

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