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    Presentation Model

    A view of the SketchUp model showing assembled table in two views with its components above. The animation below shows the model in various views.



    The surface treatment now has a ''in use'' aura arrangement of the digital self ''containers'' - this speaks to the casual interaction with the metaverse and the radiant or rippling effect of these digital carriers on the users reality beyond the metaverse.


    Combining X and Narrow Bits explorations

    This form speaks to the binary system of 1s and 0s with each component having only two cuts and the figurative system of rectangle and square (1 and 0, respectively) depending on how the components are assembled (in shown configuration 1s viewed from side and 0s from above). Again the circuit board engraving on the components is desired (as shown in previous rendering) - illustrating the translational properties between the real and the meta. Click the image to view it at full size.


    Finish Exploration

    Maintaining the burnt edges of the wood reinforces the translation concept - in that the circuit boards are units which come together to create something bigger.
    Unsure of the use of the full transparent - as how 'aware' are we of the hardware we can't see that creates the metaverse with which we interact? the colored acrylic offers translucency and visibility of the etching which is less visible in the one-sided white frosted acrylic. The tinted transparent acrylic is also under consideration as an option representing the distraction of the created metaverse while still revealing the means of its creation.

    With the surface treatment - considered

    ReImagining BitsTable

    A new approach to the bits - where the 1s and 0s are viewable from different perspectives. 1s from the side, 0s from the top. More modular than the previous variation - still meditating on it.


    Surface etching

    Etched for reader (kindle), phone, and laptop. The piece holds your
    digital self.



    I think I may go with engraving a place on the table surface for the book, the dimensions of the book and for the kindle. I am considering using the orange or amber acrylic for the top - though it's currently designed with the one side frosted acrylic in mind. The leg units are designed as wood veneer - they may have circuit boards engraved on them. The wood is the reality, the circuit boards are the translators, and the acrylic is the metaverse - which is a new reality (the engraved markers for the book/kindle).

    Bits Table Variations

    Bits Table Alternate Assembly