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    The Slow Home

    The Slow Home is a online residential design forum of sorts founded by Canadian architect John Brown. Based on the evolution of the idea of "slow food" as an alternative to "fast food" so too is "slow home" a response to the more generic sprawl of "fast" suburban housing. This is a bit of a design school for those looking to improve their homes with weekly exercises/discussions like "what's wrong with this house?" and "in detail." I've put a recent post of Mr. Browns below, but I think you'd agree, that this may be a good resource for those folks who are interested in improving their space in a thorough and educated manner. If you are a designer who has curious/eager clients, but you are unable to provide them with the time to explain the nuances of process - this may be something that you could pass on for their investigations.


    Time Perspective

    From the research of Zimbardo et al. their latest publication is on The Time Paradox - how our perspective on time influences our decisions more than any other factor. These are my results from the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory - it seems i'm not big on the past or the future and hardly "ideal" - numerically narrow but based on their graph a fairly broad spectrum of time.

    Time Perspective
    Past-negative 3.20
    Past-positive 2.44
    Present-hedonistic 3.20
    Present-fatalistic 2.33
    Future 2.92