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    A sketch a day

    I created an initiative for myself last Monday - 1 sketch per day. The sketch could be of a new idea, an old design, or just sketching a space/item in front of me. The first batch, [these will be done every Monday hopefully], contains a few designs I've come up with over the years (1-3, 5, 6), a chair sketch, and a space plan imagined. I spend no more than 5-10 minutes doing the actual drawing, although I may spend a bit more time than that thinking about that days drawing. At present I don't have a set list of items I intend to cover in my sketches, and I welcome any requests/suggestions as well as comments and questions on the images posted today.



    I've been visually binging on facets of late. The dynamism of facets is appreciated in personalities as much as in diamonds (and yet i much prefer the former). The eye is attracted to the changing perception of shape and depth. Though the magpie syndrome of sparkly objects as attractive is hard to deny (personally), however, not all of the facets presented below are hi-gloss/reflective. Enjoy!

    There's a wide variety of options from the expected and naturally occuring:

    [their entire collection is worth a gander]

    To the surprising and synthetic
    [shown in paintable white, also in pewter, copper, and bronze]

     There is even this 40kg beauty:

    I imagine hanging crinkled ribbons of mirror mosaic tile on a wall with the waves diminishing around one spot on the wall where Hanhsi Chen + Chiyu Chen's "Shadow Clock" is mounted.

    There are ways to even have facets on your feet, should you show desire
     Andreia Chaves' "Invisible Shoe" via Refinery 29

    Or the Lo-Res collection by United Nude:

    [Also available in black, brown, and magenta]