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    Rainbow House - or whimsy & inspiration

    This house looks like a wonderful place to escape to for inspiration and a change of perspective. Enjoy the Goldilocks exploration below!

    The Rainbow House, London from Ab Rogers Design on Vimeo.


    Sharing and Collecting Visuals

         There won't be weekly posts of sketch-a-day any more, but no worries, I'm still drawing - and with color too.

         As for the new year, trying new things like Pinterest - which was suggested by a good friend. Basically, as with other such services you come across something of interest and you can "pin it" to one of your self-created boards with a note, or contribute to others. Folks "like" things, and can "repin" as well. Simply put its your virtual inspiration board. I have boards for colors/patterns, for places, for well designed utility pieces, and for fashion - but you can make as many as you like and peruse those of others.  I rather like the layout of the personal pins page (below) which is much like the main page on Pinterest - for a visual person like me, who also has little real wallspace and is quite comfortable with digital spaces like this - it may just be the perfect place to keep track of those things that catch your eye/imagination.