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    Revised Poster

    Changed font - looks a little more like console and is more legible than the small caps font. The fully justified text also reinforces the console entry and serves as horizontal balance to the vertical binary bar. Stepped back the opacity of the circuit board background a bit as well.


    Furniture show

    A show for the collection of furniture is still being put together, but we have begun working on the corresponding boards for our pieces. This is what I've developed - i think it speaks to the design concept nicely - 24x24 just seems awfully large. I don't feel showing my process is necessary - as I feel the finished product speaks clearly enough - as well as maintaining the simplicity of the binary concept. thoughts?


    They're off

    Files have been submitted to Ponoko and the pieces should be arriving
    at the end of this month.


    Production Purgatory

    The files are ready but not yet submitted while financial considerations are being attended to. With any luck the pieces will be sent in a week or so...