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    Cute Bus

    This bus is a hydrogen fuel cell powered concept vehicle by Hungarian designer Peter Simon

    If ever a caterpillar was captured in bus form - this is it

    peter simon: credo e-bone bus via living design

    This is a quirky and intriguing bus that I think would help in the anti-bus sentiments in many American cities. My favorite part of this design is the signage - because, like all good design, communication is key. Its easy to tell which bus it is, and its wide windows make it easy to see where you are along the route as to be sure to indicate your stop appropriately.

    View some of the range of bus (and related) design here once you've checked out the additional photos of the e-bone bus


    Playing with Furniture or Fashion

    A little sandbox for interiors (or fashion) ideas, especially for those not able to sketch out ideas as they might hope.- one can easily search for similar items to those you're using, or "clip" the images of the actual items you like.  So when you are thinking about changing or creating a new space - your decoration project can start here