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    Time Moves

    Time as movement through space - not of hands on a face, but as an individual through a city. Tokyoflash has done it again, taking clocks to a different level by tweaking the basic hours and minutes into three color/spacial elements. Its as if Harry Beck has been reincarnated as a digital watch - or something like that...

    tokyoflash: kisai traffic watch: "

    via awesomer , gizmag


    Land of Giants and things left behind

    I like to imagine what the ruins of our civilization will look like to future archeologists - these make me think they'll believe we enslaved giants to carry our energy over the vast distances because we were unable to develop the means to locally generate or wirelessly transmit energy. Those poor giants.

    More images and a description of this 2010 Boston Society of Architects award winning unbuilt design on the DesignBoom article

    choi + shine architects: the land of giants: "
    'the land of giants' by choi + shine architects
    all images courtesy choi + shine architects

    the various configurations of the pylons

    sketch of the pylon design